Donata hopfen wikipedia

Donata hopfen wikipedia
Donata hopfen wikipedia

Donata hopfen wikipedia |Hopfen begann ihre Karriere am Jahr 2000 beim Beratungsunternehmen Accenture. 2003 wechselte sie zum Medienkonzern Axel Springer, wo sie 15 Jahre lang arbeitete und u. a. das Digitalgeschaft der Bild leitete, ehe sie 2014 zur Vorsitzenden der Verlagsgeschaftsführung der Bild-Gruppe berufen wurde.

Ab 2017 arbeitete Hopfen as CEO von Verimi, einer branchenübergreifenden Registrierungsplattform. Seit Sommer 2019 was sie als Digitalberaterin in Berliner Büro von BCG Digital Ventures tatig, einer Tochter der Boston Consulting Group.

Seit am 1. Januar 2022 ist sie die Geschaftsführerin der Deutschen Fußball Liga. Ihr Vertrag lauft über drei Jahre bis zum 31. Dezember 2024.

According to Hopfen, she was really happy to witness a big increase in the number of visitors in recent years.

Months such as the most recent one, in which a crowd of 75,000 people gathered to the Allianz Arena in Munich to witness Bayern Munich win their ninth consecutive Bundesliga championship.

According to a statement that she sent to AFP in January, “fans were once again prevented from entering Bundesliga stadiums due to Covid restrictions.” Her shift to DFL brought about this change. When I initially joined the DFL back in January.

When I consider everything that has transpired over the past few months, it is hard for me to imagine that this took place just five months ago.

Hopfen referred to Eintracht Frankfurt’s advancement to the final of the Europa League as the “greatest advertising for the Bundesliga.” In Seville, Eintracht Frankfurt prevailed over Rangers with the help of the tens of thousands of fans that had traveled to the match with them.

Her background is in the media, and she spent an earlier part of her career leading the online edition of Bild, the daily newspaper that has the highest circulation in Germany.

There were five sentences in the announcement made by the DFL on August 14th. Since then, there has been silence.

Donata Hopfen went to tremendous lengths to conceal her identity, but she was discovered. Even the precise date of birth of the woman who was born on January 1 is unknown on Wikipedia. Christian Seifert a der

leading position in the Bundesliga in Germany (DFL). It’s possible that this is the reason the former boss feels forced to make a passionate pitch for his heir as the last formal act of his career.

Hans-Joachim Watzke, the future head of the DFL supervisory board, recently met with hops in order to get a sense of what the new boss will be like.

“We exchanged positions, it was a very positive conversation,” said Watzke, who will act as first deputy spokeswoman for hops on the DFL Presidium.

“I will have her back and not interfere in the operational business, but rather the strategy of the have a say in the league,” Watzke continued. “I will have her back and not interfere in the operational business.”

Thinking strategically will be required for resolving all of the issues that are now awaiting resolution. The aftermath of the corona pandemic, the controversy surrounding the 50+1 rule, the renegotiation of the basic contract with the DFB, the fight for the status of the Bundesliga,

the international competitiveness of the elite class, and the conflict with the fans are just a few examples of construction sites where, in the end, it is almost always just about the money.

Donata hopfen wikipedia
Donata hopfen wikipedia

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